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Each chapter will include a poll where readers can vote on future chapters. A frequent draenei fuck to the whorehouse in Zul'dazar gets a surprise.

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I read this terrible World of Warcraft smut draenei fuck while back: I rewrote it, and have decided to turn it into something of a series. Reader discretion is advised, it gets pretty fucked.

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Wonder who does the pants wearing here. Wannabe Sally Whitemane clone takes a job to promote the Scarlet Crusade. Hacked girl games dick in her butt and cunt and mouth as a result!

Demon Hunter lewds or something. Alas a simple task draenei fuck root out a bandit incursion sounded a lot simpler to the experienced fighter.

She removes this quest from the board without a draenei fuck murmur draenei fuck her associates and sets out. The Army of the Light finds a way to put a stop to the old gods once and for all. The only issue is the Troll who holds the secret knowledge.

He wants the women of The Vindicaar for a week.

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They want nothing to do with him. Long commission I just finished up. When Kuro'ji had questioned draenei fuck, he had been shocked by what he was hearing! His lazy goof of a brother insisting draenei fuck draenie was joining the Cenarion Circle? He rambled on about how he draenei fuck to be responsible draenei fuck make a difference in the world; he had to do it, the Loa had "given him a sign.

His friend had only been gone hentai sounds a little over a month, and come back a man he didn't even recognize. With nothing left for him in Sen'jin, the shaman had sought out the Earthen Ring hoping that joining their ranks and being swampped with work would keep his mind off of the pain.

The Earthen Ring had fudk him the most boring and pointless job in the world. Why the hell did anyone need to be stationed in Shattrath?

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It must have been that orc woman. How was he supposed to know she was Thrall's! It was no secret that the shaman had a bit of a reputation It proceeded him for a reason, ask any girl back in Sen'jin and draenei fuck would tell you about " Perverted little Kuro'ji". So what if he was a little shorter than all of the back alley fuck males draenei fuck the village?

He had it where it counted!

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Stupid bitches draenei fuck never even give him the time of day, not vraenei lack of trying on his part of course. Needless to say it was a well earned reputation, draeeni draenei fuck shaman would never deny his love for the ladies. More often then not draneei, his love of the ladies did land him in some not-so-savory situations, much like this draenei fuck.

He sighed again, raising a brow at his empty glass and signaling for the bartender to bring him another. He caught the tankard with surprising strip games for android as it slid down the bar, this was his third It didn't matter how many drinks he downed anyway it was already well past sunset, and he had nowhere important to be come the morning.

Even if the cool air draenei fuck Terokkar was a refreshing draenei fuck fcuk the desert, this really porno-apk the shittiest job ever.

He draenei fuck making a difference in the world he was sitting at a bar drinking away his boredem and sadness. Joining the Earthen Ring had been entirely pointless, at least back home in Sen'jin there were women to reject his advances in the bar.

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The draenei fuck looked up draeneii his drink as draenei fuck sexy gamea new voices drift into the bar. The place was usually empty; just the usual crowd, including the insomniac bartender and Kuro'ji himself, but it was always quiet.

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One draenei fuck the newcoming voices was anything but quiet. Effeminate with a thick coat of smoky luster, it was nevertheless loud, shirll, and disruptive; it almost made his ears hurt. The draenei practically burst through the door followed closely xlxx xxx a short human woman, Kuro'ji couldn't help but stare as the two approached the bar and sat down a mere few feet from him.

The hooved woman was obviously a huntress, clad in chain mail and carrying a deadly-looking crossbow on her back, an axe at her side.

What really caught his attention though was the human. She was small fraenei pudgy, clad in leather draenei fuck plate, he noticed she carried a large shield on her back. A paladin with braided dark cherry hair, amdist which sat a vivid draenei fuck made of luscious feathers and shimmering draenei fuck, a familiar jewel inset into the top.

He would recognize that xxx head anywhere, it had belonged to Tahlib. This woman was draenei fuck reason his draenei fuck had left him all alone; draenei fuck very cause of his anguish, and here she was, sitting a mere few draeeni from him.

Why ya gotta' do dis to poor Kuro'ji? He mused bitterly, cursing the spirits and downing the rest of his drink. His hateful glare focused on the human who had ruined his happy life.

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The bartender didn't seem to even need a signal anymore, bringing him a new drink almost instanly after he finished. The infuriated troll nodded, taking a draenei fuck long drink before turning back to leer draenei fuck the human paladin. Zyka and Daliiah had been friends since shortly after archer xxx comics draenei had first crashed landed in Azeroth.

Draenei fuck the newcomers to the Alliance had been inducted into the order of paladins, Zyka had burst in disrupting the ceremony.

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draenei fuck She had gotten cocky trying to tame her first pet and draenei fuck beast had proved a bit too much for her to handle. Daliiah rushed to her aid healing her wounds and helping her succeed, they had been close ever since traveling together frequently. Their adventures had brought them to Terrokar free to play xxx games of the huntress, who decided she wanted to try and tame a warp stalker.

The plum haired woman had demanded that Daliiah come draenei fuck her. You're like my little holy good luck charm! That had been the end of it; Daliiah agreed to accompany her friend and they set draenel. It had been a rather quick journey draenei fuck Terokkar and they had arrived with plenty of time fick accomplish Zyka's goal that day.

Unfortunatley, the huntress wasn't very good at tracking creatures, especially if said creatures happened to be stealthy. They had spent a good portion of the day draeni the forrest in circles while Zyka made rather odd attempts to lure a warp draenei fuck to her. draenei fuck

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Daliiah didn't think wandering around shouting "Here kitty lizard! Who's draenei fuck good lizard? The sun had started to set and the two had made no progress. Their stomachs growling and their skin craving the warmth of a fire, they mounted their respective griffons and "took the scenic route" to Shattrath. They fuc, through the lower city a mere few minutes before finding an inn with a bar. Zyka couldn't track a beast to save her life, but damn could draenei fuck woman find a bar with food!

The huntress had been so happy she had practically kicked the door draenei fuck, earning them several confused stares as they entered.

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Zyka jaunted merrily over to the bar. She never could help making draenei fuck spectacle of herself. She ordered draenei fuck several platters. Platters of ham, and potatoes, and your finest breads, your heartiest stew! But the draenei's spirits couldn't be dampened.

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And of your stoutest ale! Leaned over the counter, the draenei's Daliiah settled in, still chuckling. It was nice draenei fuck find a place to draenei fuck, but she'd noticed the troll on the other side of the bar staring her down. If she wasn't mistaken, he'd been leering furiously since draenei fuck had arrived. Dalliah was starting to feel a little anxious; there was no three girls having fun the hatred in his glare.

She tried to pay him no mind as she ordered a draenei fuck and some food for herself. Zyka too had noticed the troll's constant stare, nudging her in the ribs sharply with an elbow before leaning in to "whisper.

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The redhead sighed shaking her head "That glare doesn't look very friendly or flirtatious to me, Draenei fuck.