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But it had to be done so he could get back to class. He undid his pants gohan and videl naked got to work, taking care of his little problem. While he did this, his ki began to rise and he transformed into super saiyan. He quickened the pace, ki still rising.

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It was as if he could smell me And then he looks at ME! It could have been anyone in the class! Then he gets all nervous and runs off to the bathroom saying he wasn't feeling well.

He looked really flushed and warm in an aroused kind of way. His eyes was half-lidded and gohan and videl naked wasn't breathing normally He is probably masturbating in one of the school bathrooms right now Well let's gohan and videl naked naruto adult that Gohan and Videl have started to bond with one another and of course they don't know, but it is affecting them to the point where their mood is transmitted to the other.

That means that when for example Gohan is aroused, like now, Videl can feel his excitement which makes her body react and she begins to feel horny herself. Also no matter gohan and videl naked either of them is doing, the other will to a degree subconsciously 'know' what the other is doing I'll be there in about five minutes.

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