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They actually held a "hottest" grls contest. Women actually strutted down a makeshift walkway to the cheers of hundreds of drunken men surrounding the "game.

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At one point, a woman in a thong bikini acted like a stripper and gave a brief lap dance to one of the male "judges. Another serious concern was the profanity and sexual comments made by guests.

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I know it's very difficult for Carnival to control the verbal behavior hot girls on cruise its guests but the obscenities and conversations about sex were excessive and out of control. There are several "bars" placed throughout the ship. I know alcohol is a major profit center for cruise lines but they need to rethink their uot.

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Right next to many of the on-ship bars are food stations. In some cases, you can almost reach across from the hot girls on cruise station and touch the bar next to it.

Children would be lined up at the food stations.

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At the bar, within arm's reach, were often guests obviously under the influence of alcohol. It seemed more often than not, the male guests trapporn attempting to strive to be the most profane as loudly as kn.

H", other obscenities and conversations about sexual conquests at sound levels that hot girls on cruise make a concert promoter proud.

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Imagine attempting to explain anal sex to a little girl. Fortunately, I was able to divert that conversation. But why should I have to even face that quandry? I won't go into the hot girls on cruise of the moral decline of our country but can't we protect our children as long as possible.

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My daughter is going to hot girls on cruise hammered with the sexualization of girls for the rest of her life. I would prefer to keep her naive at least a couple more years. In my opinion, this cruise is not appropriate for children, teens or families.

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It is more suitable for cruse spring-break crowds or adults with a strong "party attitude. Although Carnival markets their services to families, the on-board atmosphere is in no hot girls on cruise acceptable for kids.

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