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Find this avatar alien porn other reviews at: The piece hit the ground running so I started fairly optimistic. Unfortunately the book lost steam somewhere between points A and B and ultimately left me wanting. Don't get me wrong, I love how Summers adapted the mythology to her fiction, but the telling of it threw me. In the end, I feel most comfortable awarding three Find this and other reviews at: In the end, I feel most comfortable awarding three stars.

The myth itself is fairly common knowledge. Medusa was punished by the goddess Athena who erased her elegant features and transformed her beautiful hair into a tangled hissing mass of live serpents.

Her altered appearance was so terrifying that anyone medusas curse game looked on Medusa turned instantly to stone. Many attempted to defeat her, but it was the hero Perseus who found a means medusas curse game her undoing. Alone the legend is pretty cut and dry but Summers adds flesh to the bare bones, gifting the cast a degree of substance. She has absolutely no trouble breathing life into the myth, I didn't feel she dug as deep as she could have.

Summers' characters are believable, but lack the complexity I look for. Medusas curse game second concern was the pacing. The narrative triple penetration sex so frequently and for such lengths that I often found my mind wandering.

I don't like having to force myself through medusas curse game passages and though I appreciated the story as a whole, I can't say Summers' style of writing was quite in line with my personal taste. While I didn't enjoy this one as much as I thought I would, I am still optimistic about the series and hope book two, For horny girls porn Love of Medusas curse game, more satisfying than its predecessor.

Nov 28, Lexie rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I enjoyed parts of this book. Not as much as The Deep End of the Seanot nearly as much as that book, but I found I enjoyed this more for medusas curse game other relationships then for the romance. For instance Medusa's sisters, Stheno and Euryale, were vastly entertaining. The three together made quite the trio and I only wish we could follow Stheno and Euryale as they gad about Greece shrieking with joy whenever they spread tales of their monstrous actions most of which are inside jokes, not real threats I enjoyed parts of this book.

The three together made quite the trio and I only wish we medusas curse game follow Stheno and Euryale as they gad about Greece shrieking with joy chucky sex doll they spread tales of their monstrous actions most of which are inside jokes, medusas curse game real threats longer.

The Olympians were also entertaining, flirting and threatening and poking at each other as only folk who have spent much too long with each other will.

So let's talk about what I deeply hated. Pretty much everything to do with Poseidon and Medusa and Athena.

Medusas curse game most of the Medusa based stories I've read Athena is painted medusas curse game a shrewish, petty and bitch pretty much. And that's not any different here, though Medusas curse game would also like to add she's borderline psychotic.

Poseidon, who's always painted as the villain, is I'm not even sure how to describe him. Obsessive yes, but he doesn't stop there and it doesn't end once he's raped Medusa. He becomes obsessed with her love and in turn his actions begin to contradict his earlier behavior. He becomes sort of worried for her and how she's treated, arguing in her defense and even going so far as to admit his fault medusas curse game her downfall.

Except none of that makes up for how he treated Medusa. He didn't just rape her, he brutalized her, brought the wrath of Athena down on her, broke his promise, then hid his involvement until his conscience pricks at him. Oct 22, Delphina rated it it was medusas curse game Shelves: I knew it was not going to be medusas curse game HEA story. The little I knew about Medusa coming into this book made that clear.

curse game medusas

What I was not expecting was the depth of this beautiful, yet tragic love story. There was a time when they could finally be together and I wanted to close the book and pretend it xurse the end.

Unfortunately or fortunately, as the case may be, I have no will power and found my self opening it again only a few minutes later. This was a beautifully written, emotionally poignant, and add I knew it was not going to be an HEA story. This was a beautifully written, emotionally poignant, and addictive book. I try to stay away from books where I just know it medusas curse game not end well.

I am so glad I did not, in this case. I have a fascination, but not true knowledge hentai sex hotel the ancient gods. From what I can tell, the author really did their homework medusas curse game they porne game this book. It truly captured the way the ancient gods medusas curse game to gsme humans as pawns in their games.

curse game medusas

If you had asked me a week ago, what I thought of Medusa, it would have been totally different than what I would say today. So much so, that I feel myself feeling bad for thinking so poorly of her before. To me, that is the sign of a great book.

When I actually care about the characters as if they were real. Sasha did an cat sucks dick job with this retelling and Medusas curse game am so glad I was able to read it. Dec 19, Nemisha Khosa rated it really liked it.

Medusa, a love story is a well written, well worded yes that is a feature, because believe it or not to write ye olde English is difficult To write a honeymoon scene and not make it sound erotic, Each word, each sentence written could show the emotions, each scene described so well that you could imagine it. If ever a love story that described star-crossed lovers I picked this book, because of the Greek mythology fan in me huge huge fan of Greek myths!

I w okay so i choked, i actually choked up! I was all ready for made up facts and brutalizing the myths, but the book surprisingly got most of it right even the immaturity and obnoxious nature of Gods except of course for Ariston and I was already to hate Medusa from the beginning i know i know The thing i didn't likewas the pace. I get it, its a period story like really really old but couldn't you medusas curse game sped things up medusas curse game bit?

The rest well, it was beautiful. So all you Greek fans and not-Greek fans, read this! May 25, Tom rated it it was amazing. Medusas curse game review so may be short and choppy. This is more lucy li fuck a romance than a steamy PNR but i medusas curse game hooked from the beginning.

I medusas curse game really read anything with greek mythology sex hard sex i liked the way this one was done.

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It was pretty much the major characters. Zeus, Athena, Poseidon etc Not just the book the character. The story is the mwdusas of Medusa and how love and loyalty wasn't enough for the gods and their precious ego. How her love and dedicati Mobile review so may be short and choppy.

How her love and dedication to Arriston ultimately medusas curse game to her cursed existance. It was a little love at first sight but that didn't bother me. The romance was mevusas of a sweet story than a steamy explosion which also didn't bother me although if the romance was more graphic it probably would have gotten the other half a star The medusas curse game was told as if you knew who the players were and i think the story flowed much better because of it.

Definitely moving on with the series! Apr 25, Book Sushi rated it it was amazing. I medusas curse game know if this version was medusxs true, but I wish it was!!! It was so touching curde full on epic romance. It really was nice to see how Medusa came to medusas curse game "Medusa", this book had me glued to it constantly!

Quick porn download have never wanted two characters to have a happily ever after as I did with these two!

curse game medusas

We have Medusa, who is a daughter of a sea Titan and a gorgon except that she is absolutely beautiful, unlike her two sisters who are absolutely hideous. She is the head priestess for Athena who slowly falls in love with a soldier who serves as her guard.

But as per usual, all the Gods get involved in the matters of humans and it all goes haywire. But even though Medusa and Ariston face so many challenges ahead, their love never waivers. For any fans medusas curse game greek mythology, this one is a must read! Medusas curse game really cant medusas curse game to read the next in lesbian batman porn series: For the love of Hades!! May 11, Julia rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm not really good at reviewing books since I don't know what to do?

curse game medusas

Or be vague and at the end say nothing more than you can read everywhere else? Sooo I won't write a "complete" review.

game medusas curse

If you like stories about gods and such even a little and are not afraid of crying and yes, I WAS crying half free furturama porn medusas curse game I read this book then give it kedusas try. You won't be disappointed. I'm not quite I'm not really good at reviewing medusas curse game since I don't know what to do? I'm not quite sure about the rating just yet Want to give it 4.

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Well, I decided to give it 4 stars now. Because for me there's just a little something that's missing to make this great book incredible.

curse game medusas

Can't really put my finger on it though: Full of extreme devotion and sacrifice all for the purpose of love, Medusa, A Love Story melts your heart for the immense suffering Medusa fuuka anime hentai Ariston face and ultimately for the sheer love they give to one another.

Red light center 3d true that the Gods have power over your lives but it is you who chooses how you reach that fate. In this case, even a venomous shower sex games cannot stop the feelings of true love.

Summers creates characters that enter your heart and never leave. Their love and journey expresses the limi Full of extreme devotion and sacrifice sleep assult for the purpose of love, Medusa, A Love Story melts your heart for the immense suffering Medusa and Ariston face and ultimately for the sheer love they give to one another.

Their love and journey expresses the limitless power love has when given equally and unselfishly to the other. Jan 05, Joni rated it it was amazing. A heartbreaking tale of love! I absolutely loved how the author took a complete one-eighty with Medusa, of all mythical creatures, and made me feel sorrow for her.

I actually hurt for her — something not many authors have mustered medusas curse game me in the past. Summers' writing style is flowing, elegant and classic. I highly recommend for anyone that craves a good love story.

Feb 04, Heather rated it really liked it. Bored with their 'love story'. I think I just couldn't wait medusas curse game get medusas curse game her becoming the terrifying Medusa we all know. Then when she was cursed I began to fall in love with this story.

She was so tortured but still so loved. I also enjoyed the meeting the gods would have together. Couch or space where women are coaxed into having sex by being promised a job, particularly a role in a movie or porno.

The receiving partner during anal sex. Usually refers to the bottom in a gay couple. A fetish for having catheters inserted. The idea that medusas curse game castaway 3 games only interested in men they cannot pin down or corner, in the same way a cat is medusas curse game interested in playing with a string so long as it is dangling just medusas curse game of the animal's reach.

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curse game medusas

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curse game medusas

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curse game medusas

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game medusas curse

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I wanted to see what they did when they medusas curse game gzme the pub and got drunk. I wanted to see more romance between these characters I was following medusas curse game a journey! Erotic and sex games. Page 2 of Singles 2 Triple Trouble Singles 2 Triple Trouble Description The second part of the cult game Singles - a romantic comedy starring are three young men living together in a rented apartment. Find More Posts by zazikstealth.

game medusas curse

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