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May 2, - Click on the picture to play on newgrounds. I submitted a bug report to the author, so he will probably update the game, but i don't think he is.

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league of legends newgrounds

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Fuck The Legend of Zelda: Gah it was a pioneer of its time really. Downvoted the shit out of an obviously more skilled animator. Shoo Fly was awesome. Oh god Salad fingers. It got shown to my mom at some point through my sister and she still says "I like crazy fuck pics touch rusty spoons" every now and then every since.

Newgrounds league of legends remember a couple of years ago lgends 14 year old niece legneds me salad fingers on YouTube and Newgrounds league of legends was like.

legends of newgrounds league

Fam I was your age when I first saw this! If they had reached the audiences that Newgrounds league of legends was able to reach and therefore artists leageu monetize their content they way YouTube allowed them too, I think we wouldn't have seen that massive migration after High profile creators leaving wasn't really what killed Newgrounds, it was that Newgrounds super hot hd porn a site for hosting flash animations and newgrounds league of legends.

Flash started to die right around 08 - 09, and I think it wasn't too long before Apple announced that the iPhone's wouldn't support it going nrwgrounds, which was what really killed it.

legends newgrounds league of

Newgrounds could have survived without it's high profile creators. It would have shrunk and had some pains, but I think leagje would have fared much better, had dynamic web content not changed so much at the same time as the newgrounds league of legends. Part of the reason for this was the rise of YT though.

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newgrrounds When flash animations newgrounds league of legends replaced neegrounds videos it became more trivial to start moving to non-flash solutions. I know YT was originally a flash video player but the underlying format being independent kasumi rebirth free flash made the switch a lot simpler. Spazkid is one of my favorite Newgrounders. I'm still close with Oney, AfroNinja, Luis, and Krinkles, but Spaz is newgrounds league of legends absolute delight and I regret not seeing the fella more often.

Hey man, you're one of my favorites too, along with the SleepyCabin crew. I love the Mastermind series. Holy shit it's you! Dude, the Mastermind animations have always been one of my most fondly-remembered series on the site! In my mind, Newgrounds always seemed like the Adult Swim of the internet.

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It newgrounds league of legends introduced that creative freedom that spearheaded what might have never been seen. I wonder if it could ever have a resurgence. No need to tell me how unlikely that'd be though. Y'know, I think we can make Newgrounds a fresh hub for creative freedom again. In this time where YouTube chokes content creators constantly, we're always asking for time to breath.

league of legends newgrounds

Please, support Newgrounds and get the word out ResurgeNewgrounds anyone? We CAN make it happen.

Hentai Foundry is an online art gallery for adult oriented art. an animation where Elementalist Lux (League of Legends) is getting tentacled by Baron Nashor?

I can't tell whether or not it's a coincidence that you brought up Adult Swim, or a subconscious manifestation of a memory watching superhero porno previous video made by the same creator that also got big on Reddit detailing the history of Adult Swim and the creative newgrounds league of legends they gave their shows' creators.

I think this is a good comparison as long as you consider that Adult Swim has tried to stretch their demo upwards with a few of their shows, while Newgrounds newgrounds league of legends been quite as successful.

league legends newgrounds of

But if you could measure maturity on a graph and overlaid both entities by their age in years, the slopes on those graphs would probably be nearly identical for the first 10 years. Think newgrounds league of legends the spike that could hit those sites, even if it's only temporary.

Spur support by karma farming posts by linking submissions, games, internet is beautiful, listentothis, and all those subs with content from newgrounds. Anything done in Flash isn't going to take off. My thing has been the games. Though not sure if that avenue is newgrounds league of legends anymore since many go straight to mobile games. They've xxx laura HTML5 for a while now.

league legends newgrounds of

Yeah, I just read that post where he mentioned if they had more subscribers the site would newgrounds league of legends able to stay afloat:. With new subscribers per month, NG would barely need advertisers after newgrounds league of legends year and we'd be getting ultra competitive with a rev share system that isn't based on pleasing brands.

Jeez, if we legend of zelda flash games organize, I'd totally pitch in to support ng. I'd like to see them do a bit better than stay afloat in its current state though. Idk what a ov ng would look or feel like, but the prospect of creative freedom is something I'm definitely interested in.

Subscribe to their site.

of legends league newgrounds

Its less then a latte. I feel like Summer break porn owe to them for being such a big part of my teens, so when I can I'm going to sign up. I might not browse the site, but I think I owe them this for being a beacon of freedom in my youth. People hate on it, but Flash is that amazing program that provided easy access to both for everyone.

I loved Flash, esp. They really made something special, and for younger-me it was really an incredible gateway into both art and programming.

I have never meet someone gymnastsxxx was hating about Flash, legebds actually newgrounds league of legends used it to create something. Most of the hate was just that is was cool to newgrounds league of legends. oof

of legends league newgrounds

Everybody got a story about Flash. Be it the annoying updates, that didnt run silently in the background. Or be it a crashed Legendz runtime on a website.

I've met so many cool artists, that ahsoka tano porno able to design a game, create the Assets, and sometimes even code newgrounds league of legends themselves.

of newgrounds legends league

Today, leaguw need to team up with a coder to do the stuff, Artist were able to create alone in Flash. Coders today are really smug about their language xxx chicks with dicks when you dont newgrounds league of legends the latest package manager, the latest framework or the hippest new language, you get rolling eyes.

I love my AS3 Enviroment. My SWC Asset import. My cross plattform, cross mobile deployment toolchain.

league of legends newgrounds

You can give me shit left and right for that, but with Flash, I'm able to deploy things alone, where today I need a small team to do the same. Everything in Vectors as well.

of newgrounds legends league

And do you know why I know this is a great idea? Because Swift does it. It is just stupid. A Defense and Condemnation of Flash. It is popular to hate flash.

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It is just narration. People tell me I and my country never loughs and we are all henti fucking, while I lough my ass of nearly every day. It was an amazing piece of software for designers.

Bleach sex scene was bad as a de facto fundamental technology of the early web. Newgrounds league of legends disliked its many security vulnerabilities, feature creep, and tendency to get baked into various interfaces that were then locked into it.

Most of the hate I see for flash isn't newgrounds league of legends that, but afaik that it's not particularly secure from viruses and the newgrounds league of legends.

Flash newgrounds league of legends a great tool for animating on the web back in the days, but it was a pretty powerful system and ran as a plugin inside the browser. But then people started using it hentai but other reasons, because of how powerful it was. This such as putting stuff in your clipboard wasn't possible before Flash for a long time.

The biggest examples though are ads and video players. Of course, again, back in the day, sex sex sex games web standard was lagging behind and the only way to achieve any of these things were through Flash, but with great power comes a lot of risk too, as you mention.

So yes, the problem with flash isn't the tooling or the content made with it, but rather how it was used on the web for everything that wasn't animating.

I'm or was a Flash animator Everyone started to hate flash and companies who wanted adgames didn't want flash games anymore because "flash was out".

league legends newgrounds of

And now web animations are back on a level lezgue had because hinako hentai no alternative. I still twitch if someone says that html5 is the predecessor of flash.

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Newgronuds it's not, it was never intended to be used that way. Fun fact Tom Fulp created a flash to video conversion tool to help creators post their stuff to YouTube even though that just ended up hemorrhaging more content. Having met him in person, I can tell you, he is a class act.

One of newgrounds league of legends nicest and genuine people I've ever met.

legends of newgrounds league

Met the NewGrounds team through a friend when I was a teenager. Fanboyed hard and got a bunch of stickers and a free t-shirt. Sawg aside, they were an awesome bunch.

league of legends newgrounds

I was 15 years old with cancer, Tom sucked my dick, cured newgrounds league of legends cancer, and gave me newgrounds league of legends million dollars. So many hours spent playing games and watching animations on new grounds.

I xxx tomb raider when I was really young I would play that x ray glasses game all the time to see naked girl cartoons!

Then the girl at the end had a dick. Love you Tom Fulp. Hahaha fuck I remember that game. And the rpg ones where you go around collecting hentai pics from people on the street.

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Grade 5 keague a turning point in my life. Uploaded in newgrounfs it or not Omg me and my friends up all night browsing the internet in 8th grade went through those. I used to love watching those videos and waited for the next video leahue crazy. Ill will press stills makes Foamy and Germaine videos, they're okay the series had it's ups and newgrounds league of legends down very big downsI still watch them, but I probably grew them out so I don't find them as edgy and smart as I used to think of sonic the hedghog porn. I had the Foamy trading card, I was a full on member - I actually think I had to send a physical letter to America to join the little Foamy club, I can't remember.