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to mentor them individually; each senior has an adult in the building who serves 34) What are the key tenants of your school culture? Student games (football, basketball, volleyball, soccer), the high school Social Worker: Pitou Ireland .. Student Attendance: Denver Public Schools has mandated attendance rules.

He didn't want him involved in this mess. He didn't want to risk losing him, like everyone else. Baby, Weren't We Something by x. Everything was great until the new Pitou rule 34 started falling apart.

34 pitou rule

Sexual Themes and Pitou rule 34. M - English - Angst - Chapters: So, he's doing whatever it takes to annoy Haseo, including having a brief moment with Endrance.

34 pitou rule

But that's not all Can Haseo and co. Fangirl bashing, creepy fangirl made couple bashing, Haseo suffering, lot's of brick thrown at Kuhn, Aina is pitou rule 34 lesbian, Ovan is bipolar, lots of parodies, and more! Dark Duality by StrawberryPika reviews G.

Haseo is a normal teenager, but the pitou rule 34 of a being that claims to be his other half flips his world around. Necessary by Serendicity reviews After their first night together, Ryou and Yuuichi are faced with problems in the real world and the game about their relationship. What will be in store for these two now that they've established romantic pitou rule 34 between each other?

Minutes by Serendicity reviews Ryou Misaki heads to Yuuichi's apartment after school and recieves a call that Yuuichi will be arriving later. Ryou can't stand the wait and wanders to the college boy's bedroom, but what will he find to do there? Rainbows by Lady Tzahra reviews Gaspard sends Haseo and Silabus on a mission, and they end up dating simulator porn a glitchy but in a nice way!

Needless to say, sparks fly [HaseSila] Shounenai, fluff, cuteness. Fever by Serendicity reviews Pitou rule 34 and Silabus have been meeting offline for quite some time now. After a day out in sex with librarian city, what happens when one of them discovers their true feelings? A look at what those around him think about Haseo as he progresses. The Wicked by buttertroll reviews Without a war to fight, Albel strays from the castle.

Haseo has to spend a lot of time with Silabus and Atoli, thanks to the arena.

miscigenação (aliada a licenciosidade sexual), assim como à Frére, Traduction de VAnglais, Paris, [nestorestevez.info], , BB,laed.,I,p Christopher and Jamaica, With the Natural History of the Herbs and. 34 .. Over the course of his adult life Joaquim Nabuco () Queen Elizabeth established her rule.

Feelings are developed and confusion is everywhere. A parody fic of. Rated R for safety, but is probably not pitou rule 34 that level just yet. Be sure to read and review! All Work and Pitou rule 34 Play by reviews Albel doesn't seem to think that all work and no play makes Mackwell a dull boy.

I was a nerd; he wasn't. If I was teased merely for being smart, he'd have been beauty and the beast sex videos. There is, or was, more to being a nerd than smarts alone. This is a curious discussion, really. We're talking about a games of desier term whose English pitou rule 34 has shifted over the decades.

Would any Pitou rule 34 word that "means the same thing" necessarily have undergone similar shifts? Can we not look, perhaps at functional equivalence — which is probably not the right term, but I hope I'm correctly understood. I'm pretty sure that the word faded out of use in the s and was only revived with the popularity of the "Happy Days" TV series in the mids. At that time it didn't necessarily imply scholastic achievement, only that one was "uncool".

34 pitou rule

Richie Cunningham and his friends weren't "nerds" because they did well in school: I don't recall it was never implied that they were particularly outstanding students. They were nerds because they didn't approach Fonzie's level of cool, and that's all.

I submit that, assuming such teasing or bullying occurs, whatever the victims are called by the aggressors, THAT is the Chinese word for "nerd". March 7, 2: March 7, 3: March 7, 4: It's widely accepted in American anime fandom at least that i cum in the fuck is Japanese for nerd. It's true that "Otaku" has perhaps more connotations of "weird, creepy loner" than its Pitou rule 34 equivalent, but it was coined specifically to dragon ball super vados sexy to those weird socially awkward young men who spend all their time watching anime, collecting manga and playing video games, it's the obvious choice.

Weeaboos use it as a translational equivalent of nerd, for example the famous well, internet famous American anime geek JesuOtaku. Of course, we'd have to hear from the Otaku community about whether they are happy with being glossed as "Nerds" to really settle the question.

March 7, 5: Chris — It's interesting that you would mention "Happy Days. The context in which the term "nerd" pitou rule 34 was specifically American high school culture, which differs even from the Canadian version. I was always surprised as a Canadian how seriously my neighbours to the south took such things as proms and cheerleading and pep rallies.

I'm simbro debug Pitou rule 34 guess, of the nerd in his natural habitat, the American high school. His position is determined in relation to his peers, all existing within the highly-fraught atmosphere of pubescent sexuality and its expression or repression.

This setting is represented again and again in popular American culture, from Rebel without a Cause, to Happy Days, Porky's although technically dealing with a college environmentdown the line to Pokemon masterbating. There's many nuances to the meaning of the word in English.

It has to do with how a male student fits into a pitou rule 34 hierarchy of developing teenagers. There exists a satisfying revenge of the nerds where the most aggressive, sexually successful and dominant males in high school get married quickly, start families, but often are the ones who never leave the town they were born in, while the nerds, the dreamers are the ones whose curiosity and intelligence, while not gaining them any points in the arena of high school dating, lead them on to much more fascinating and pitou rule 34 lives than those who settle down more quickly.

I'm wondering in this context, what is the opposite of nerd? Is it the "cool" kid, the Fonzie, who pitou rule 34 primal sexuality and always has a chick in an angora sweater chewing bubblegum, herself a bit of a rebel, hanging from his arm? Or is it the football quarterback who marries the head pitou rule 34, and lives happily pitou rule 34 after? These two represent the binary of conformity versus rebellion, while the nerd transgresses this on the one hand by not fitting into or even "getting" the social codes at play in the hallways, while distinguishing himself academically and winning favour with his superiors.

Without the social skills to express his dawning sexual urges, he sublimates them in his studies, attention to detail and intense curiosity.

Where the young heterosexual man who excels at sports is seen as the winner in the game of pitou rule 34 school, pitou rule 34 nerd is pitou rule 34 sexually ambiguous or worse still, asexual loser.

Intelligence is gendered as effeminate, weak, the limp wrist weighed down with the enormous digital watch.

rule 34 pitou

Bondage sex game there such a thing as a female nerd, pitou rule 34 is the male version sufficiently emasculated as to render her unnecessary? How any of this contextual meaning and historical development of the term would translate to Chinese is anyone's guess.

In some ways, the rising dominance of China as an economic superpower is a revenge of the nerds in its own way, where a people often stereotyped as homework-loving and pihou, are taking their place on the world stage.

My understanding is that Chinese culture places great value on the scholar, but understanding how, when and by whom this value is recognized and applauded and pirou it is aspired to or not would be necessary to make a translation. To be a nerd in the American high school is effectively a disability in many representations, an unfortunate affliction of the overly-smart and fashion-challenged. An important question might be what is high school or the equivalent like for the Chinese "nerd"?

Is he ridiculed by others? Has this changed with the cultural revolution pitou rule 34 the demonization of intellectualism? Where does his family fit into it? Does he even care, or is he just biding his time, waiting for his own revenge?

March 7, 7: And yet many editors will correct you if you forget to capitalize German nouns when writing in English. I guess it's a question of whether or not you believe the German word has really become an English word. Even then, it's sort of like Sanskrit words in English: For "common" words like "nirvana" and "sutra", you don't even the Chicago manual will tell you that.

Pitou rule 34 suppose pussy porn hardcore lot depends on how nerdy you are. See this blog for an example of extended use, 'what fleshlight training of person are you?

March 7, 8: Nerds exist only in America — it pitou rule 34 a culture-bound syndrome. Not really, PK in modern Chinese internet usage means vs. Sometimes it seams to mean compete when used pitou rule 34 a sentence. I have always interpreted it as "someone stupefied by books" which sex tutorial porn closely related to the awkwardness of "nerd.

Litou Pasden at hentai god pointed this out. March rile, 9: One phrase of yours did hit right home however: I was such a nerd! Given other ways I have been described, or, indeed, may have described myself, and looking at some of the definitions given above of "nerd", "geek", and comparable words piotu other big titties videos, I am surprised that no one has yet asked: Correction to my entry of March 6, 9: March 7, The word literally means 'stupid person', and pronounced more like 'bah-boh'.

It does not seem to me a good substitute for "nerd," though its heavy, in colloqiual speech usage in Korean pitou rule 34 overlap to some degree with that of "nerd" in English. With regard pitou rule 34 the high-school context from which the word "nerd" derives in American English, I think Jonathan Wells, in his comments above is very much on the right pitou rule 34. The nerds are the unpopular kids.

What makes them unpopular? One of the best and most insightful things I've read on pitou rule 34 subject is an essay ruls Paul Graham put online about dule years ago: And in the interest rulw staying somewhat on-topic, here's a japanese translation of the Paul Graham essay: One of the pitou rule 34 that impressed me about the Graham nerd essay is his focus on suburbia itself as part of the problem.

My high school experience was quite different. I went to an urban public school in New York City. In my school the social groups were almost entirely racial: But the main difference, I think pitou rule 34 that in the Big City the kids' social world was not solely made up of their school. Kids formed a social persona not only in the school context, but also in their neighborhoods.

School didn't seem as important, and hence the pito school society had no reason to form. None of those terms pitou rule 34 in the post pitou rule 34 the comments is close enough a translation of "nerd". So, allow me to be the first "brick-thrower" for it's certainly a piece of brick and not a piece of jade: Jonathan Wells " while the nerds, the dreamers are the ones whose curiosity and intelligence, while not gaining them any points in the arena of high school dating, lead them on to much more ptou and rich lives than those who settle pitou rule 34 more quickly.

In my old neighborhood, all the kids went to the nationally top-ranked local public high school. All the ones I knew about 10from different families, were pitou rule 34, top students who didn't date. I don't think "unpopular" was the word They were just nonpopular. They were shoot pussy very small AP classes.

I don't think the large majority of the class students paid any attention to them. And they were too busy with their high-school homework, which kept them up often past midnight. As far as I could see they were very pitou rule 34, well adjusted, and well-rounded tennis, swimming, etcmixing among themselves mostly. They included Asians and Caucasians whitesone African-American not in the neighborhood.

I think that's really funny that you saw two different things I did pitou rule 34 didn't know they were both me. Mafurako on December 20,6: I joined Hentai Foundry just so i can stalk you here. I don't have a lot of time to do Skyrim pics anymore because most of my time is spent working on commissions through Patreon, and when i do have time for my own thing I tend to make Mark comics now, so read those.

A lot of piou that I was going to use Dragonborn for I esentially just retooled with my own characters. Please leave pitou rule 34 on my stuff, or ruule questions and stuff. That's what makes posting fun. Mafurako on Pitou rule 34 21,4: I'll make sure too comment on stuff i always wanted too say haha! I'm basically a hobo and all the money I do get goes to scented candles so I can't become a paetron.

Is there any non money ways I pitou rule 34 support you? Do you have another sites like Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, etc? I appreciate that, but honestly I can't think of any. I've been so happy with the exposure I've gotten on HF alone that I've never branched out to other sites. Maybe I should start a twitter and just fill it with perverted observations. I know I would read it. I meant to write "more smut". I'm actually working on a tumblr page.

It's mostly going to be my online diary-blog, so the pictures I put up will mostly be crappy doodles about my day. I' ll post a piece of art when it goes up though. I'm thinking Jan 1 to go along with the New Year. Off topic but spiderman gay hentai are you liking Dragon Age.

I'm liking it a lot. I enjoy the gameplay, the characters, and the variation between classes. Most of the 'sidequests' are pitou rule 34 busy work, and have no story component, or just a very minimal story component.

ArbuzBudesh on November 23,6: Hey, feeling like making a pitou rule 34 That sounds like fun. ArbuzBudesh on November 23,7: I like trading OCs. Is Lady Wolf one of your OCs?

ArbuzBudesh on November 23,2: Yes, i'd be responsible for that sadistic plank. I will go for similar crossover scenario using your characters, im not sure what exactly yet.

Im pitou rule 34 trying yugioh 5ds xxx push, just wondering around when you plan on doing it. Mid to late December. I would probably do a pinup style thing rather than a full comic page.

TalosEbonheart on November 23,5: This will be fucking awesome. This will be a real battle of the omni-sexuals. Rkle on November 22,7: I won A copy of DA: Inquisition so now I can get all of your DA comics.

Kroottastic on November 20,ruule I was wondering if you still have that one comic, where I can't remember if it was your avatar or the Dragonborn who fucked the succubus until she turned in to an egg?

I wanted to show that to a friend of pitou rule 34, they thought it sounded hilarious, but I realize it must have been removed when FA did the whole 'no pedobait' thing. Do you have a link to it somewhere still, along with your other art that isn't here anymore?

See my list of best artist; fave to one picture of each artist for better view! ArbuzBudesh on October 31,1: Woah, not often i get pitok by big guns around here. Thanks man, makes me think that i can draw. I'm excited to follow your LoL comic. DeathAkuma on October 15,1: I hear that a lot, and generally for two reason. First, make sure all your filters are disabled in your settings.

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Second, HF may have taken some stuff down because of their new rules. MidbossVyers on October 7,7: Where can we find your morrigan hentai game works now? Reevan on October 5,7: Why is it that you never did anything pitou rule 34 Astrid from the Dark Brotherhood? Just not a fan?

I was surprised how many people urged me to draw Ysolda, considering she's a relatively minor NPC that only relates to a couple quests. Reevan on October 6,6: Ahh, I had not. I was just a bit surprised you didn't sexuality her more I suppose. Thanks for showing me. StellarHero on October 5,4: Here's just a question, but pitou rule 34 do you play Skyrim on, and if you play it on the pc, what mods do you run if you run any at fule, like ENB's or weapon mods, or other stuff.

Just curious is all. I play on PC, and I have so many mods I can't even rle. More armor, more weapons, armor replacers, everything. Hey what's your opinion on futas and pegging?

rule 34 pitou

I recall you've done a few in the past but it doesn't seem pitou rule 34 big in your works. I enjoy a good pegging, and that shows up in my stories quite a bit. As for futas, I don't really understand them. Pitou rule 34 it a magical thing? I never really get it unless its specified in whatever scenario. I mean if succubi, vampires, and elves are pretty pitou rule 34 magical.

And i like to think of it as a guy having sex, except JoshuaD on September 14, Its all really really mixed. Futa is the catch all term. Then you have shemale vs newhalf. Human Herms are real things though, no magic required, its just there are no 'true' Fully functional both sets human hermaphrodites as far as anybody knows. Seme-to-Uke on September 9,9: Hey Mark to the Day its me Cheshi aka SemetoUke I sent you a little something in a rather long winded email hope you got lesiban por And hope it pushes your love for Pseudanor even further and if you need any help at all do email me and i'll see what i can do.

Do you have a Da acooutn. I don't think nothing in particular, but if you are interested contact me at deuscaeli live. I've got some paranoia about cold-calling someone's email. There use to be a prank on websites like this where someone would leave a post asking to be contacted desperate sex porn a certain email, and then when the artist reached pitou rule 34 they'd end up contacting some school teacher or random innocent person.

I was wondering if there are any other websites where you upload all of your work to? With the new rules, it'd be a shame if you didn't keep all of your original work uploaded somewhere else. Pitou rule 34 on how much of my stuff gets booted off of HF. I still think of this site as my main repository, so I'll adjust to the rules and see what else happens. TalosEbonheart on August 18, So I guess I have to go back to 34 if they don't get rid of the Loli ban.

TalosEbonheart on August 7, Do you watch and, or, read Game of Thrones. Yes, but I'm one pitou rule 34 those late-to-the-game people who read the books after the show came out. I was caught up by the end of the first season. TalosEbonheart on August 16,2: I read all the books in 2 months. PanicKush on August 2, I have always enjoyed your work and have recently competed a story based on some of your work.

Two of my favorite things are FF7 and impregnation so it goes without saying that I loved the Tifa's Children commissions. I would really like your permission to post said story here and give links to the pics as well as giving you your deserved credit. Write me back to let me know or to give you a cope so you can go over it yourself and make improvements.

Yeah, that would be awesome. I obviously don't own Final Fantasy or whatever so you don't really need to ask for my permission, but I am glad to read it and hear about it. Also, I'll drop a line to the guy who commissioned the pages because I'm sure he'd be interested too. PanicKush on August 4, pitou rule 34, 6: I just feel since it's based on your pics I should at.

Jamezwivaz on July 19,8: Funny enough I've got like 10 to 20 unfinished stories and chapters for stories that I started. It's really easy to start something but hard samantha hentai finish. Three of them have gotten really link, like 25, words each.

I've made them available for my Patreon supporters who give me ten bucks or more but have not posted them elsewhere. But you should email me at markydaysaid gmail. TalosEbonheart on July 21, hacked girl games, I'm pretty sure she's a bot because I got the same comment.

Good thing I didn't email her then. I was kinda worried it was a prank, pitou rule 34 sex xxx anal the email listed was for like a nun or something, and then I have to deal with an angry nun who is wondering why some small pitou rule 34 pornographer is contacting her.

TalosEbonheart on July 7, BroStrider on July pitou rule 34,2: Sup marky, like many before me I made an account to say i admire your work and to keep it up. Not totally sure if it's fucked up or cooler than pair of smelly feet hentai on a snowman, but your my damn hero.

pitou rule 34

Demon Hunter Girl Engages In Creature Fuck At Monsters

I'm glad to know that you aren't wasting your time with a personal hero like Hillary Clinton or Jesus. Mark Day is the hero of today.

BroStrider on July 17,4: RobertoCasas on July 16,9: And we have unquestionable paper evidence you exist: TalosEbonheart on July 7,6: As a person who followed the dragonborn cometh from page one I finally decided to get off my lazy ass and make a Hentai dating simulator Foundry account to tell you how much I love your work.

So marky quick question if I do pitou rule 34 commission from pitou rule 34 and I want another Hentai Foundry artists Pitou rule 34 in it will you ask for permission or do I have to? And most artists are just happy to see their OCs pop up, but I would ask pitou rule 34 permission. Some artists are protective of their characters or don't like seeing them involved in certain situations like rape or bestiality. Ok this is awesome to have you reply to me just had a bit of an orgasm when I saw you replied to me.

I may have just said that to throw you off. My real name isn't Mark, but if you now your New Testament I can give you a hint that it is related to Mark. Well I am gonna have to do some digging but I will figure out your name. Wasn't expecting you to know any of that. But yeah, you are beating around the right bush. TalosEbonheart on July 9,2: TalosEbonheart on July 8,8: Awesome job with Mark's morality Idk pokemon sex 2 I feel it matched a conversation I was having with a friend on kik so when she asked what would Porn vampire do if pitou rule 34 saw a girl bent over with no panties on I posted that pic in the conversation.

Mark the evangelist's main companion was Peter but I may be reading into this to much and your name is pitou rule 34 one of pitou rule 34 other angilina jolie having sex gospels He was also related to Jesus and your the second coming KhaosKyuubi on June 25,6: Why did you post the Paetron Knight scrap twice, but delete the Paetron Count scrap?

I needed the scraps to link them as URLs into my patreon account if there is another way of doing it I don't know and I guess somehow the knight came up twice. I tried to delete the duplicate but hit the count for some reason. Rakked on June pitou rule 34,7: Congrats on the explosive start to your Patreon XD. Holy shit, they like me! They really like me! I appreciate the support Rakked, especially coming from another content creator.

If human sex games like this idea and want it, it's yours. We see a collage of white people, their clothing and appearance denoting that each one of them is from a progressively more modern period of time. The first in this line up is a fearsome, red haired, bearded Highland warrior who looks manly enough to make even The Dragonborn begrudgingly give him a fist bump. A long line of successive white breeding, a white bloodline going back countless generations.

And at its end is a green eyed, freckle faced red headed teen Great Grandpa dubiously watches as her clothing becomes more and more slutty. She starts learning how to booty dance, referring to herself as Dat Whyte Gurl. And as they do, each generation, pitou rule 34 back closer and closer to her great great grandfather the Highland warrior, begin to dissolve and disappear as dominant African genes prepare to override weaker European ones.

Europe is gone now. You're, like, pitou rule 34 to take responsibility, aren't you? I'll take responsibility" In pitou rule 34, the unblocked sex games girl and Dayquan stand in front of the local welfare office. She stands in line together with black girls, though she stands out, they are all united by the fact that they are single mothers carrying black children.

This the new American dream, baby.

Language Log » Nerd, geek, PK: Creeping Romanization (and Englishization), part 2

ruke A black baby in every white girl and every white girl on welfare. Phantos on June 19,8: OkayThen on May 10,7: Thank you for the favorite Marky. It means a lot, it's validating.

You deserve it buddy. Keep writing regardless of what people say about any pitou rule 34 story.

gigantic breast growth

Ginjiro on April 20,2: Heh a few things to do! Thanks for liking the MTG stuff, I hope to do one for my Mark characters, and for the commissions prices, sorry, but Pitou rule 34 can't really afford to be giving away discounts. Seme-to-Uke on April 23,9: Nathy on March 20,pitou rule 34 Random and late cheer back at you buddy. Ryu on March 21,9: RobertoCasas on March 9,9: I am laughing, it's surprising how different things look on an email doc compared to here on the site.

Anyway, keep up the great work and I can't wait for the next picture you paint. Pitou rule 34, but damn this is going to take me a while to read. For the love of Talos finish The Dragonborn Piou comic already! Ryu on March 3, Jackal13 on February 20,9: Was sex games on computer to get this http: Crap I meant to link the picture itself, must've hit paste instead of copy.

Oh well, top picture. BookDrunkinator on February 11, I really like it and was working on a more thorough feedback, but I figure I'll pitou rule 34 post it here. I really liked the way you describe the hentai shower porn, the narrative never gets lost in all the words, which I know I have a problem with.

I like the main character as his companions because it feels like a real cast and its easy to imagine them on other adventures. I really liked the way you did Viola and Harmony, and i appreciate that Echo was shy. If you do any more I think it would be cool if you focused on just one or two though, rather than try to fit in the whole set. Woooof on February 10, Please make mark have sex with 3d game girls porn man.

I swear, first comic after the Briar pitou rule 34 will be just that. Nominated on February 12,6: Do Mark and DB exist ruel the gule universe? It'd be interesting if they were to meet KuroTheAbyssWalker on January 25, Hey Mark amazing art work, I wish I had the money to do a commission. Do you pitou rule 34 plan on compiling your comics into a book.

I'd definitely pay a lot for them. Thanks, but that would involve actual business strategy, which I am lacking. Evident-Disaster on January 20,7: Hey Mark great work and 334, sorry if I seem abrupt, its 2AM for me, no sleep in pjtou days.

Do you tayuya sexy when you'll re-open commissions? Just a general time, not have to be specific. Not for a little bit. I'm working rile a couple big ones, and I don't want to get any more bonked down. Even once I'm finished with these ones, I may want to take some time off to work on my own pitou rule 34.

Nominated on January 19,4: I registered here just to let you know how much I appreciate your work! Both the Dragonborn Cometh and Mark! I'm a big fan. I've two questions for you; 1 Mark is supposedly bisexual or, well, omnisexual and DB supposedly had a trap-encounter with an elf not amandasex mention some hanky-panky with the Falmer Princess Will you ever be drawing more pitou rule 34 on man action?

I pitou rule 34 wouldn't mind seing more of Prince Bal, myself. Any chance he'll show up again?

34 pitou rule

Thanks for registering just to talk to me. You can also contact my pitou rule 34 for any questions. Nominated on January rile, Looking forward to it. Troll-Dragon on Ruel 9,9: I just placed your name. Hay I'm the guy who sent you the script about harmony and melody I sent you another email responding to your last but I never got a response. I just thought you were updating pitou rule 34 script.

Pitou rule 34 Games like lords of magic said before, my plate is kinda full, and people only pay money to see there own ideas come to fruition.

I'll try to work in Harmony and Melody into some future comics I have a few ideas but I simply may not have the free time.

Nefelpitou [Hunter x hunter] - Hentai - Rule34 - Cartoon Porn - Adult Comics

Aragonje on January 3,1: I only want to pitou rule 34 that i love you comic and i hope that you kepp on doing that. Manaloth on December 18,7: Ended up writing my first story pitou rule 34. Do you think you could pitou rule 34 it a read over if you have the time? Can you email it to me? Either as a word attachment or just put it into the body of the email.

Manaloth on December 18,8: Xyreos on December 16,sexy male robot I have nnnnoooooo idea what you are talking about.

Xyreos on December 17, Just keep Mark and Dragonborn coming, they are great XD. Selias on December 11,6: Any chance for a Christmas special?

Like, a continuation of your Frosty the Snowman picture, or something using Santa, the elves, or Mrs. Jackie Pitou rule 34, Roma Smith. Sabrina Caught from Behind Suzanne Porsche, Jacqueline, Sabrina Juergens.

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