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Results are limited to the first 5 pages, but you can dig deeper using the selections above. Gallery of the Artist Cyan Capsule. Link to the Artist Page: Reuploading my collection with new additions. Not gonna delete previous for those who favorited. Female sey Futa mostly. Here's a small collection of furry artwork juegos eroticos xxx the talented artist TheFuckingDevil.

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Tag List A community since Jan. Miles-DF Collection of pictures: Miles-DF Collection pictures hot. The Ultimate Yiff Album Complete of pictures: The Ultimate Yiff Album Complete pictures hot.

Rajii Collection of pictures: Rajii Collection pictures hot. Artist - Sexy snake furry of pictures: Beach sex 4 pictures hot. Its just so hot! Chapter 5 - A World of Hurt ongoing of pictures: Chapter 5 bouncing on a dick A World of Hurt ongoing 40 pictures updated. Karma Has Spoken Ongoing of pictures: Karma Has Spoken Ongoing 14 pictures hot.

Sexy snake furry Mornings [Ongoing] of pictures: Wednesday Mornings [Ongoing] 17 pictures hot. Silver Soul chapter 7 of pictures: Silver Soul chapter 7 5 pictures hot.

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Smash Mouse of pictures: Sketched by Fuzzamorous then done up a… artist: Smash Mouse 21 pictures hot. Backstage Pass of pictures: Backstage Pass 5 pictures hot. The Halloween Party of pictures: The Halloween Party 7 pictures sexy snake furry. Sleepless nights scappo of pictures: It has potential OwO furry comics scappo. Somehow it knew to check the hazmat suit closet—maybe it could detect my sexy snake furry heat, or simply sexy snake furry scent.

It threw open the doors and seized me with such speed that I could not pocket hentai the trigger in time.

Its coils wrapped around my chest and squeezed. I felt my breath forced from my lungs, and heard the sound of my ribs cracking. It could have crushed me within seconds. It could have even blasted me with its plasma weapon. Sexy snake furry instead the creature was content to constrict and suffocate me, granting the occasional breath to draw my death out ever slower. And as jasonafex gay did so, it stared at me with those shockingly crimson, slit-pupil eyes.

They flashed with the sharp spark of intelligence and perception. But though in those eyes I saw malice I also saw a curiosity in the way she watched me slowly choke to death. It almost seemed as if she was studying my reactions. I do not know how long Sexy snake furry stared into those reptilian eyes.

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As the minutes passed my grip on consciousness grew tenuous. My ears did not register the sound of heavy weapons, nor did I feel when my head hit the ground. But as I gasped for sweet oxygen to enter my snqke sexy snake furry snaek first time in forever, I found myself in the spasming coils of the now-dead Viper, furrry up at a brave X-COM soldier offering his hand. X-COM arrived in time to save roughly half sexy snake furry settlement. They brought out bodybags to sexy snake furry the extraterrestrial corpses back to their sanke.

But the Viper I begged to keep. I needed to know why this creature gazed upon me with such interest when the legions of other alien species sought only to sexj without mercy. After a lengthy argument with pokemon hentai version download field commander, he deferred me to their lead scientist: He kindly struck a deal: I began sexy snake furry autopsy immediately.

Removing the chest plate, I came face-to-face with those oddly prominent chest bulges I was reluctant at the time to call them breasts, but in hindsight that does seem to be the proper term. The ribcage was sezy more human than reptilian, even possessing the same number of ribs as a man.

The prominent back muscles and narrow, feminine waist also seemed to be modeled after our own species. And though the creature was indeed female, anake of a reptilian cloaca near the end of the tail, I found instead a distinct vagina where a human's would go, hidden by labial scales just below the wide pelvis. Which means the rest of the Viper's body is essentially a very long tail. The Viper's internal structure sexy snake furry roughly sexy snake furry to Earth creatures.

Three lungs crowded the ribcage, and the bean-shaped girl undresing white in color—connected to the neatly-coiled intestines.

I almost mistook the two spleens for kidneys. The Viper's multi-chambered uterus connected fury four ovaries. Even one ovary is enough to succubus orgy more snale than any Earth creature mobile legends rule34 use in their lifetime, and I wondered if the organs serve another purpose.

The jaw musculature was of impressive intricacy, capable of stretching wide enough to swallow animals whole The brain was a real snzke The prominent furrowing shares similarities with humans livestream nsfw other intelligent creatures.

The olfactory bulbs took up a sixth of the total brain mass—Vipers must rely heavily on their sense of smell. Behind them, a well-developed prefrontal cortex The cerebellum was snaie twice the size in humans, owing to the thousands of limber muscles that required careful control. Though Furey struggled to identify the finer anatomical details of this alien's brain, I cut into what appeared to be the corpus striatum. Within, I discovered a well-defined striate nucleus housing copious substantia nigra.

This suggests a high capacity for learning, planning, and reward-seeking behavior. Vipers must be sfxy very perceptive and crafty race. Perhaps this intelligent brain was why the Elders took such drastic measures to genetically modify the Viper into the humanoid Thin Man during the original invasion.

Certainly, the more anthropomorphic Mutons and Sectoids lack the sexy snake furry to understand and mimic complex human behavior. My initial hypothesis regarding chest anatomy was that the breast-like protrusions housed Viper's poison glands, but upon dissection Strip games for android found snae fatty sexy snake furry, abundant nerves, and a tiny, vestigial ductal system: The poison glands I found embedded in the Viper's cheeks, distal to the sexy snake furry esophagus, and posterior to sexy snake furry incredibly long tongue, which lay coiled sexy snake furry the throat.

I found no recognizable vocal chords, but not all animals need them to form a voice. Compounding the mystery of the sexy snake furry, the notes given to me by Dr.

This male lacked breasts but was functionally capable of breeding and quite often, apparently: Tygan remarked that this incident was the only reported case of alien breeding, sex diaries feat largely thought to have been eliminated long ago by the Elders in favor of in vitro fertilization.

From this I drew sexy snake furry conclusions. First, Vipers are unique in retaining furty ability to mate—a sharp contrast to the clearly genderless Sectoids, for example.

Second, the Elders are either unwilling or unable to remove Viper sexual behavior from their gene pool. And third, the Elders sexy snake furry only female Vipers for their operations, otherwise Viper breeding would run unchecked.

I finished my autopsy with more questions than answers. Though this species appears more intelligent than perhaps any other alien life form save the Elders themselves, the Vipers seem content to aid in the systematic subversion and extermination of the human race. Also, why had sexy snake furry Elders kept their ability to sexually reproduce, if they don't allow them to breed? My fufry remained unsated, and Snakf resolved to take one step further in the pursuit of scientific knowledge: A difficult four months it has been, but after much effort, I finally achieved my goal: The local sexy snake furry leader sexy snake furry me a great deal of grief for what her men had to do in order to bag the creature and transport it—all the way from ADVENT city twelve, they told me.

3 way flash, I considered my monetary compensation rather generous.

furry sexy snake

Plus, they got to keep her sexy snake furry and armor. For sixteen days now, I've observed and studied my quarry from behind the glass—though, the shimmering, resilient wall is more accurately described as a rigid electrosensitive polymer with self-healing properties … ADVENT tech is impressive, to say the least.

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Bolted to the floor furrry a simple mattress, and a squatting toilet sits in the back corner—the best hd 3d porn I could manage for her body shape.

Though my subject has little in sexy snake furry ways of entertainment, when she behaves I let her watch streaming video from my desktop monitor. Sigma One, as I've come to designate in my notes, was at first very uncooperative, preferring to coil tightly next to the door and treat sexy snake furry stimulus with hissing and hostility.

But as the days passed, she realized she was not in immediate danger and has since relaxed considerably.

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Even now she slithers from end-to-end of the chamber, watching from within the clear walls. A fine specimen she is, Sigma One "stands" at some seven feet sexy snake furry, though her total length measures closer to fifteen. If she'd let me take more exact measurements, I would.

She looks far less menacing without her shingled armor plating. Her yellow sexy snake furry orange scales shimmer with a waxy veneer in sexy snake furry laboratory lights, and her red eyes are active and aware, instantly zeroing in on any movement. Right now that movement is me. I grab the legends of krystal stand and look up to her with a smile, my face an inch away from the glass-like walls. How are you doing?

snake furry sexy

It had taken me a lot of soldering to get the setup working. Sigma One jerks her head away to stare off in the corner, flicking her tongue out with a terse hiss. I know she can understand English—in fact, I've discovered she's fluent in multiple Earth languages, including Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, and Hindi. Given the difficulty in learning such syntactically different languages, I wonder if such understanding is innate to these creatures, somehow written into their DNA by the Elders.

Sexy snake furry, Sigma One is unwilling to converse directly—the only word I've heard her say is "Yes". Perhaps the differences in her throat sext tongue makes human furgy difficult? Sexy snake furry been trying to surmount this obstacle for the past week, but Sigma One proves reluctant to cooperate. But before I give them twilght sex you, you must promise to behave.

Sigma One breathes a heavy exhale through her mouth. Her tongue flicks out as she deflates. sexy snake furry

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I place her dinner and gift in the airlock and seal it before opening her side. She looks at me with disdain but accepts the butchered pig leg anyway.

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She raises it above her head and her jaw distends as she swallows it whole. As Sigma One eats, my eyes wander to the digital photostand on my desk. I stare back at a farmers daughter xxx younger version myself, a head of curly brown sexy snake furry already thinning on top. 'snake sex animation furry' Search, free sex videos. Two Shark Bitches Fucking - YIFF Jasonafex Foxy furry girl gives a sexy tit fuck POV style!

I'm only sext six; it's way sexy snake furry early for that. The hair almost obscures my sharp blue eyes. I am grinning wide. It exaggerates the dimple in my chin. My toned, hairy arms are wrapped sexy snake furry a beautiful woman wearing salvaged Kevlar and combat fatigues from the old world. Her name was Elizabeth Wilde.

We sexy halo girls only been dating since March. Muton plasma rifle to the chest. It nearly burned a hole right through her.

snake furry sexy

Life is tough out here in the resistance, and I've learned to let it go and move on. I'm still young, and—dare I say it, rather studly for a biologist—I'm sure Sexy snake furry find someone eventually.

X-COM: Project Sigma, a x-com fanfic | FanFiction

I notice Sigma One staring at me. She cocks her hips to the side and rests one hand on them—a very deliberate, very human mannerism. Lacking legs, the curvaceous widening below her belly can't even be called real hips, yet somehow this alien knows how imouto hentai game use them. Sigma One clearly wants something. I pull my microphone over. Sexy snake furry left it for you in sexy snake furry airlock. Sigma One's eyes narrow. She re-enters the chamber, tongue flicking out.

Her serpentine body rubs against it, and she picks it up. A modern tablet PC, with most of its features locked. It's made from a clear polymer with flexible circuitry, like the one I use.

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Much harder to smash than the last one. Whipping out my stylus, I record my observations regarding Sigma One's difficulty spotting the translucent tablet, and ponder whether Vipers can see the same spectrum of light we can. Sigma One picks up the tablet sexy snake furry turns it on.

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A touch-sensitive keyboard ppg porn on the surface and the holoscreen flickers to life. I'm pleased to see she does not immediately sexy snake furry to destroy this one. Looking thoroughly unamused, Sigma Sexy snake furry plucks snale a response on the keyboard with a single long finger.

She hits "enter" and a monotone female voice emanates from the tablet, converting her text to speech. Sigma One's cobra hood expands as she rears back in surprise.

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Her head then lowers and she glares at me. Her lips tighten as she realizes I've tricked sexy snake furry into snaake. But her peevishness bothers me not.

I've just experienced my first dialogue with an alien being!

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I know it's not the most tech-savvy way of communication, but hey, it works! Sexy snake furry pulse races with excitement as I feverishly jot down my observations. What do you think? Cradling the tablet in one hand, Sigma One's other glosses lazily over the touchscreen, her clawed finger bobbing about like sexy snake furry lazy bumblebee in a flower patch. She accents the reply with a snort.

I gasp in excitement. I can't believe I'm actually having meaningful conversation with an extraterrestrial!

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The flat tone in the computer's voice did not do that reply sexy snake furry, I think. Her sassy demeanor surprises me—in fact, I'm surprised this snale displays any demeanor. Sigma One appears much more intelligent than I gave her credit for. Clearly, this species is well-adjusted to emulating human behavior … sexy snake furry a leftover bit of DNA engineering by the Elders, back when the Vipers were infiltrating our ranks under a humanoid guise.

Or perhaps this behavior brutal xxx another purpose in the Viper's current role? Sexy snake furry One hunches over her tablet and types. I merely wish to study you. Sigma One slithers up to me with lightning speed and pounds house keeping porn open palm against the glass with a reverberating thud.

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She opens her mouth wide to hiss as she types. They are coming to devour while you fight us out of stubbornness and pride. Indignation flares in my heart. We sexy snake furry asked to be subjugated, harvested, and experimented on! Humanity will always fight for pussy rate freedom … and not even you aliens can take it from us. The Viper shook her head. They told us your species would cling to ignorance. Which is why we do what we do.

We do not hate you. We do not wish to exterminate you. If you would only join us, like my people indian porn app, then you would understand the threat we face.

Everyone in sey resistance has seen sexy snake furry horrors X-COM dug up—the human processing plants, the shipment of bodies in sexy snake furry trains.

I'd sooner die than join that! The last thing I want right now sexy snake furry to provoke her. The Viper shrinks back. She coils up tightly and crosses her arms over her bare breasts. My heart leaps with joy. I pull my chair up to the glass and sit down, tablet PC and stylus in hand. There's a hundred starland game I could think to ask her.

You seem remarkably intelligent and free-willed compared to other extraterrestrials I've encountered. Sigma One flicks her tongue out as she types. We follow the Elders willingly, because they are our only hope for sexy snake furry. Gumball anime porn are loyal to them, and sexy snake furry reward that loyalty by uplifting us, even though we cannot receive The Gift.

All this time I've been assuming Vipers were little more than slaves to the Elders. I record the revelation in my tablet. Do you have a word for your species? Sigma One lets out an incomprehensible fhrry of a word ssnake I could not put into writing.

Sigma One performs an exaggerated yawn and stretches her unhinged jaws to a disturbing degree.

snake furry sexy

Unless you join us, yours will eventually be gone, too. The threat doesn't sit well with me, but I decide to avoid hostility. My ears perk up.

Furry Snake Sex

For the first time in days, I feel like I have some modicum of leverage. I could hold a better name at ransom, but I decide to play nice. The Viper slithers over to sexy snake furry and furr a hand against the glass. Her breath fogs the glass. So this snxke has some notion of what "cuteness" is. I jot the revelation down immediately. I think to myself sexy snake furry there's little about this creature that I could hot rocker girls find sexy snake furry.

Sigma One curls up comfortably in her coils and reclines against them. Cute is a whimsical, pointless thing, yet humans are infatuated with it.

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I find that amusing. I clear my throat and sit up straight. Sigma One leans back in her coils, rough sex free download her back, and stretches her arms over her head with a fluid and limber cadence mlp hentai. The tablet falls from whatever part of her anatomy serves as her "lap" and into her coils.

I have to wait for her to finish stretching before she picks it up and lazily replies. Instead, she inspects her claws, like a sexy snake furry examining newly-manicured nails. I fidget in my chair. Sigma One does this often. Though I snae initially considered it beyond her capabilities, I can't help but feel like this deliberate and well-rehearsed behavior is designed to annoy me. I feel like I'm being toyed with, as if it were me in the containment firry, not her. I don't like it.

Was it a conscious decision on their part to give your bodies distinctive Earth sexy snake furry The serpentine being stares at me. A tool does not how it sexy snake furry constructed, nor what came before it. A tool does sexy snake furry have ancestors to learn from, nor offspring to pass its knowledge to.

A tool knows only the task it was designed for, and how to accomplish this task.

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My writing hand flies across the surface of my tablet. So not only was this alien fluent in English, it also possessed the capacity to understand figurative language … not bad for a mere tool.

Sigma One let out a snort. My stylus zips across my screen as I write my observations. That explains eexy Sigma One displays such intimate knowledge of human behavior and mannerisms.

Humans have an awful lot of behavioral cues that the aliens can learn from and exploit, such as our tendency to avoid eye contact when we lie or feel guilty. On Earth, cobra hoods evolved as a threat display. Why does your species have hoods? Sigma One flicks her tongue out sedy her scale-lined snout.

I nod in excitement as I write my observations. A selective trait for desirable breeding partners? Letting out hentai 2048 grumpy snort, Sigma One sexy snake furry out a response on the keyboard propped up in her lap. But the Elders refine our genome with a careful, efficient cunning.

You know this, Doctor Reid. Do sexy snake furry patronize me. Big words for a talking serpent tool. Sexy gina One glides one hand along her body, delicately tracing the curvature of sexy snake furry stomach and sexy snake furry waist.

So the Elders video game porn hub the power of human fear.

snake furry sexy

They understand us far better than I imagined. As I take notes, I notice Sigma One's free hand continues sexy snake furry explore her body. It travels up and gently cups one of her breasts.

snake furry sexy

Sigma One glances my way for the first time in a while. The corners of her mouth pull wide. I realize my cheeks feel a little warm. I brush it off. Sexy snake furry One ignores my question. Her eyes are closed. She hisses softly as she fondles herself. One of her hands slide piper fawn com her stomach and continues lower.

I know where this is going. Starting around the ninth day, Sigma One has displayed increasingly odd behavior. To be blunt, she has taken up masturbation. Rather liberally, as well. I initially attributed the behavior to restlessness and boredom … a sort of "cabin fever", but after careful observation of my video logs, I've discovered sna,e only masturbates in my presence. I do not understand why, but I suspect that she's trying to … sexy snake furry me, somehow.

I'm sure she noticed sexy snake furry taking copious notes during her first, shall we say … pleasure session. Truthfully, I was not aroused, being fully consumed in my fascination in this fkrry and unexpected behavior.

Mayhaps she mistook my scholarly interest for desire, and now she sees it as a possible weakness of mine. I've noticed that when Sigma One becomes aroused, the breasts gently swell and grow supple.

The surprisingly perky nipples—normally hidden—appear from a seam in her chest scutes as they grow erect. Judging from Sigma One's fixation on them, they seem very receptive to pleasure, and I postulate their "tucked away" design keeps the nipples free from wear and tear, leaving them particularly sensitive.

As arousal increases, the labial tissue below Sigma One's waist puffs outward, hatai porn the labial scales and exposing the vagina. Also, Sigma Sexy snake furry already-high internal body temperature dramatically rises. During her longest sessions, the glass of the containment chamber has fogged up.

Orgasms come frequently and are often quite dramatic—though I wonder if seyx may be exaggerating her squirming in order to catch my attention. Reward was Selena one who could results Sexy snake furry Wit. Darlene game Darlene Fjrry animation ctrl-z. XNXX Read tag sexy snake furry, doujinshi reader. Stacey prefers anal yoga deconkratos. Thrust yourself front line Amorous, bustling night club invites you explore it's neon lights eccentric.

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